Yoki Tyas Riesmana



Kupang Lontong
Blue Sky
Foo Fighters
Vacation Spot:
The Simpsons

What is your Topcoder story?

I learned about TC Studio in 2008 from my friends. Money was the main reason why I started to join studio challenges in the end of 2011. I knew totally "zero" about designs, but my friends Basuki & Ajie teach me. I found my passion more in designs since I started to choose TC as my full job.

TCO16 will be my 5th TCO. My highest achievement was 2nd place in TCO12, my first TCO.

Why Topcoder?

Professionalism, Prizes, & Family.
Working on projects from big companies are exciting, I can learn and push my limits to get better result.
TC is one big family, as we compete with other competitors we also make new friends around the world.

Tell us about something in your life, outside of Topcoder, that you are most proud of.

Being a husband & a father

We asked our finalists to play the word association game. We gave them a word and they gave us the first word that popped into their head.

Innovation Freedom
Inspiration Creative
Hope Win
Challenging Winning
Create Unique