Months of preparation, long worldwide flights, the waiting just ended tonight, The Topcoder Open 2016 is now a reality!

The opening ceremony held at the Booz Allen Hamilton headquarters in Washington DC gathered a great amount of people from all over the world and all ages to received and welcome the best coders, designers and UI Prototypers of this year.


After two great speeches by both Topcoder and Booz Allen Hamilton
representatives, the event was officially started.

Design track had their first meeting to talk and discuss about the problem to be solved on this finals; and as expected is not an easy one. Designers need to think on the best solution for a Train Control Center where users can see “the future” of a train in a trainyard. This will allow to prevent accidents and will improve the planning and scheduling. Besides this difficult test designers needs to implement their solution in a single screens and using only one color.


On this panel all members were able to ask questions and provide their first thoughts about how to face this big problem. What a great challenge to showcase their skills on design, user experience and solving problems!

Being myself a designer and an active competitor on Design Track, is really hard to be only an spectator on this amazing contest; specially with a contest like this one. Not everyday we have the opportunity to work on finding a solution of problems where human lifes are involved.

Researching and documentation are the keys on this challenge. Styles and fancy elements are just small things next to the main problem.

If you have the opportunity to “see” the future, what would you do?

Tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM they will start working on their solutions!

Good luck to all finalist!

Pictures by: chekspir and cendhika