prototype semi finals

Abracadabra! That’s the word use by [yoki] to describe his first impression of what was happening today in the arena during the Prototype challenge. It’s the first time the Prototype track makes it to a TCO to see live competition, considering the last year was performed in a regional event, also for the first time.



I was particularly excited to see this competition happening, but I had no idea of how fascinating it was going to be for designers who were close to monitors watching the seven (7) finalists to wave their magic wands and turn those storyboards (PSD/PNG screens) into a working HTML/CSS/JS application. Yoki, who created the storyboards in a challenge the last week, was surprised and happy to see what actually happened to his design after finishing a UI Design challenge. So much that his firsts words were: “dude, this is really magic, I never saw my designs working before”.

It’s indeed a refreshing sensation to see these skilled immortals to perform such a task in 3 hours. They were required to code an interactive web application, dashboard-based, that allows reviewing complex views of apartments.



There was something that none of the developers expected, to see a request of SVG manipulation in order to create and make easily configurable representative blocks of apartments projected in a 3D plane. How cool is that? That was the plus that made this really interesting to be honest, very challenging considering the amount of time they had to do it.

It’s also going to be interesting the review process for this type of challenge. Tomorrow morning they’ll have the final round, which will lead one of them to the fabulous road of victory!