I had been waiting for this event since the day it was announced. Unarguably the regionals where you have the most number of red rated members come down to compete onsite. Russia Regional in 2015 was the first ever TCO Regional held last year and coming back here was the most awaited thing since then.

It was morning at 11 when I walked into the venue. The excitement got to a different level when I saw the posters of the famous Topcoders holding trophies while entering the venue.

At around 12 noon the list of the registered members were ready and ID Cards printed. The cards had colors according to the rating the member had. We could see the red cards taking most of the place.

Soon we could see members were seen walking in grabbing their T-Shirts and WorldQuant Goodie Bags. We had arranged board games, foosball and Xbox for them to enjoy this free time and network around.

By 1 pm, the hall was full and you could see members meeting and greeting each other, playing games, grabbing some snacks and discussing previous problems from contests.

A few members came up and thanked Topcoder for organizing such events as it gives them a chance to meet their friends and compete onsite with the best of the best in the region.

We could sense a thrilling contest when we saw some very famous coders walking in, Petr, Tourist, Egor etc.

Time had come for some presentations and talk sessions. It all started with a formal welcome to everyone from Topcoder. We also revealed some additional cash prizes other than the Wildcard Round Qualifications. The welcome was followed by an amazing talk session from FedorTsarev, General Manager WorldQuant. He initially started with his journey on Topcoder and then spoke about the field of Financial Quantitative Research and related opportunities at WorldQuant. It was an amazing session and members loved it.

Soon we could see ourselves nearing the contest and members started settling in. The battle began at 4 and there was pin drop silence all over. You could see the leaderboard changing every moment. Everybody wanted to grab the chance to sit for the wildcard round.

We were nearing the end the scorecard looked pretty predictable now. We could see everybody discussing about the problems having pizzas and promising to see each other next year!
The time for results had arrived and I could see Fedor saying looking at the leaderboard, “nothing has changed in the last 10 years”. Yes, Petr it was as always making it to the top!
Tourist was not far behind, bagging the 2nd spot.

The amazing day of fierce battle concluded with everybody clicking pics and yes an amazing group photograph.

Wild Card Qualifiers!

A big thanks to Lidia for helping us out run the event in Russia! :)

Can’t wait for the wildcard round now, where top members from all the regionals will compete for the trip to TCO16 Finals in Washington DC.

See you all in the arena! :)