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The day, the moment that we’ve all been waiting for – the TCO16 finals is here and will be officially kicking off in a few minutes at the wonderful Booze Allen Hamilton Innovation Center in Washington D.C. We had a fun-filled welcome reception yesterday and now is the time for some serious competition to officially begin.

I arrived early in the morning and the Booze Allen Hamilton arena reflected a perfect picture of the calm before the storm.

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Of course, that’s changed in the last few minutes as the competitors arrived – and the arena is now bustling with last minute preparations, chit chat and what an action packed day it promises to be.


We kick off with the Design semi-final round 1 with round 2 scheduled later in the day. There is no surprise that it’s being dubbed as the ‘Most Promising‘ design competition in the history of Topcoder. And it’s most appropriate, that it all started with some encouraging words from Adam Morehead (aka adroc), Director, Creative Services at Topcoder.


Marathon Finals

Later in the day, the focus shifts to what’s undoubtedly the most glamorous competition in terms of fire power and big names – the Marathon finals.

Prototype Competition

We’ve the much anticipated prototype competition later today evening and to say that it’s expected to be fiercely contested would be a huge understatement.

Algorithm Semi-finals

We round off the day with Algorithm Semi-final 1 and some of the highest rated members will be in action.

TCO16 Megahack

Of course, if you thought that developers aren’t in action today, you are mistaken. The TCO16 Mega Hack is in full flow and we’re now on to Challenge 2!

Challenge Date Duration 1st Prize 2nd Prize
Challenge 1: XML Parser 11/18/16 16 Hours $800 $600
Challenge 2: Node.js Backend + API Integration 11/19/16 16 Hours $800 $600
Challenge 3: Integration Contest 11/20/16 16 Hours $800 $600

The best part is – you can compete in the Megahack even if you’re not onsite at the TCO finals!

Over all, there’s going to be a lot of action across all tracks today and you can follow it here

Make sure to tune in to our live streaming updates through out the day!

Let the action begin!