selva and leo

In my life I’ve heard fascinating stories about brothers rivalry, like Cain and Abel, Liam and Noel Gallagher or Serena and Venus Williams, but today I learnt another one which is special to me because it happens in the Topcoder community, the legacy of [leo.ananth] and [selvaa89], two Indian brothers who compete in Topcoder. They’re here at TCO and have an interesting story.

I have to state this is not the first time brothers come to a TCO, at least I know of two particular legends who have made it multiple times, [AleaActaEst] and [argolite]. But Leo and Selva has some different nuances. They do have competed against each other in spite they have a slightly different set of skills, but what’s really interested is how Selva delivered the relay to his brother before he became less active. Leo didn’t know much about anything from Topcoder when he started. He tried design track and development track and stayed in the last one, specially prototyping, competing on these exciting finals.

Three years ago Selva came to me asking for advice about graphic design for his brother, he wanted me to guide his little brother to join studio and learn design. Leo took what he could and kept exploring, until he found the prototype competition more adequate to him, trained himself for one year and then made it to a TCO. That’s quite impressive, considering how much it takes for itself to learn web development.

“It took me four years of hard competition to qualify to a TCO. He came just like nothing and in his first year he qualified” Selva, ironically about his brother.

It’s real, it happened in our community. A memory that should be filed in the Topcoder history wall.