Our beloved community is formed by a wide variety of nationalities and traditions. Some days while I’m having breakfast my curious mind asks itself: hey yo, what do you think an indonesian is having for breakfast right now? or a canadian? russian? anycountrynian? Well, as my grandpa says, the best way to know anything is actually knowing something – I really want to understand that but he is so wise that I feel he was born before his actual era. I assume my grandpa means that I should have breakfast with them, yeah that’s it. So, this is why I’m having a virtual breakfast with my friends and talking about anything!


Today I have the honour to drink coffee with a very well known character in the community. I don’t think she needs an introduction since I would find it difficult to believe there is someone in the community who hasn’t heard of her, or at least seen her managing challenges with those organization superpowers she was born with. She is [maroosh], the fearless copilot who was able to manage 25 simultaneous challenges in one single freaking week, her top rate according to the secret FBI archives. Additionally, she is the ONLY studio copilot ever to win a TCO trip as a design copilot. I remark this because it’s a very difficult thing to do considering that the chances for a studio copilot are very low competing against the development track (very different things and amount of projects).

After finding out about this achievement I really felt like starting to eat the same thing they give to Jordanians when they are kids, I need those superpowers!



I thought her secret to be project-fit and well organized had to do with a profound spiritual state of mind which involved being vegetarian for some reason, I had that impression. But it turns out that I was wrong as most of the times. She laughed at my face when I suggested this.

Lol, no, I’m a meatatarian. I like steaks and burgers. Vegetables are what my food eats.

Makes sense: animals eat vegetables, maroosh eats animals, therefore maroosh eats vegetables. Very smart, I’ll start doing the same. From now on this is Luis’ food intake regime:

  • Morning: 750 pounds beef burger with chicken breast smoothie. No fries, no vegetables, only bread and meat.
  • Lunch: 900 pounds Steak with lamb made spaghetti.
  • Dinner: my neighbour’s arm maybe?

I want it “Halal” and I want it now! After that, I’m sure I’ll get those superpowers. Can’t wait!



It came out as a concern the way of using slack nowadays. Mademoiselle maroosh introduced a really interesting topic at the table about using slack (the tool we were using to chat). Sometimes it can be distracting. Important topics can’t be easily tracked (as an email for instance) because of long conversations. It’s a good point. I agree it can be distracting if you have more than five teams, and especially if I am in one of those. I wonder if there is a hidden message to me in that concern * insert thinking face here *.

I think it’s a lightweight communications tool, I like it overall. However I don’t consider it a tool for managing projects. When you want to try to find specific topics that you are interested about it can be difficult.

Don’t expect to see an answer here, that’s a question for our dauntless readers :) what do you think? please help us!



We arrived to the least interesting part of the studio breakfast. Maroosh made the big mistake of asking questions and letting me talk. Don’t you know me at all???

Luis do you like living in Paris? Where would you like to live next?

Only because she asked and this is a back and forth convo, not a monologue, eh? I do like it in general. There are some things I don’t like but the amount of things that I do compensate the downsides that it could have. I have plans here for the next year, starting studies in one of my childhood dreams, this is the appropriate place to do it!

I’d also like to spend some time in London. Not sure how it will go for me after the Brexit. They are going to sign a law to exclusively forbid Luis from entering into british soil even though my girlfriend Elizabeth lives there. It will be a very frustrated long distance relationship.

I have to thank maroosh for being the first person ever to not to fall asleep while I talk about myself, a kind of skill I don’t own. To be fair, I couldn’t see her face in live mode so I still think she was sleeping while I spent 25 minutes writing about me. Let’s just move on, I’m so embarrassed.



When you have to reply as fast as you can, you get some pressure on. I don’t like written interviews too much because there is lot of time to think and review, I prefer spontaneous replies! Just like these random questions at speed light!

#1. What’s your least favorite word?


#2. What profession would you like to do other than computer science?

Research and development (maths and physics).

#3. If you find out you will die tomorrow. What would be your last wish?

Go to Lake Como and have fun there.

#4. If you could be any character of the Suicide Squad movie, who would you be?

Definitely not Harley Queen :)

After all the hard work she does I think she does deserve some vacations. But where is Lake Como? 💡 The first person to tell me that in slack will be my next studio breakfast partner!



If you have read this far you must be wondering what is this kind of unorganized and nonsense writing. Let me tell you something mister/mistress! First, thanks for getting so far, and second, I can tell you what this is NOT, a formal interview. It’s a casual, spontaneous and ordinary 30 minute conversation that I can have with my fellow community brothers and sisters during the morning and try to come up with a summary of any interesting facts I can get from them; again, in a normal slash casual, back and forth conversation about random topics.

Since it’s something that I naturally do (talking with members until they get annoyed) instead of copiloting challenges, I thought I could take advantage of this for the blog. It’s an opportunity to get to know fun facts about members and chill out with a coffee time.

Beware, I could possibly knock any door (slack DM), any morning of my weeks to have some chity-chata time with YOU and then go crazy writing about it, just like this very first edition with mademoiselle maroosh.

See ya brodas!