From the same creators of “Winter is coming” and “A girl has no name”, comes “A designer has no face”. I know that I have to start with explaining the main photo, I know. Today, I had the pleasure of having breakfast with one very well-known character of the community. In spite of being widely known as [gh3ablo], his total face has been rarely seen. In fact, I think I can tell that no more than 10 members of the community are the only ones who have ever seen the mysterious sexy face behind all those masks he poses in the pictures with. As this personality made me the honor of having my breakfast with him today, I want to respect his tradition and start my path to the faceless glory of the great designers.


Last time seen in a public place without any masks! (at Dedy’s wedding celebration)

The one and only Gh3 – shortname that he allows his best, best, best friends only to use – has been present in the community for more than five (5) years. His close relationship with members and kind spirit have made of him a total pilar in the community. There was a time when he was compared to Usain Bolt of design, as the fastest man on earth on solve F2F challenges. Now he is compared to Flash, obviously, Usain Bolt was not a challenge for him in the end.



There have been lots of TCOs in history so far. They all share something in common, they’ve never seen Gh3! In spite of earning trips on multiple occasions, the universe evilly conspires for him to not to come. However, it doesn’t forbid members to talk about him once they meet there. In fact, there was once when we were going to film a video for him saying hi but there were other circumstances that didn’t let us do it – they opened a free food truck and there was chaos (sorry man, food is food).

People want to meet him for sure. We’re unlucky for not having him onsite. Sometimes before going to bed in the nights I have my deepest thoughts. Once I came up with the idea that he is a rare pokemon, no one can either see him or catch him. Except for the last TCO regional in Indonesia where Nick was close to get him but he was distracted talking to the audience instead of playing the game.


Envious people will say this is photoshopped, but it’s real evidence…

Anyways, I had the hope he could go this year and finally meet all of the members but …

“Something always comes up when I decide to go. Unfortunately – this one is a no go”.

Maybe next year when we have pokemaster pokeballs.



It’s not a secret that many people involved in the community have adopted Topcoder as their main income source, dedicating their faceless talents to competition. Gh3 doesn’t, he is super involved though, so much that it is a surprise that he wouldn’t dedicate full time. He has a secret fan club where we all think he could be number one, right there on the top. To start with the fact he is really fast besides his gifted design skills. This speed could also help him perform very well at the TCO finals (speed and creativity is a great combo). But why not?

“TCO champion? Abe and Tong are beasts!! Having a full time job means consistent income. I’ve thought about it a few times. But I always have doubts with my skills and often have a hard time catching up with the latest trends – which you should do in order to be successful in TC. Having both, I get the best of both worlds.”

That’s right, and you also get your own slack channel, dude!



A fact that proves my theory of how involved Gh3 is with the community – which I didn’t know until just now – is that he was one of the first to join Slack as an experimental communication tool for Studio! My sources say it was back in 500 B.C., not sure though, let’s believe them, everything I post here is 100% truth.


I have to confess it’s the Slack channel I visit the most, it’s fun! It even has more subscribers than #chat-with-adroc (115 vs 56). It turns out it was Adam’s [adroc] idea to create this channel! What an outcome!

“I was on Slack when there were only like 3 channels. It was Adam’s idea, I guess he finds me too noisy now lol”.

Well my friend, he is guilty of his own creation. If you create a Frankenstein you can not pretend to kill it 😉



When you have to reply as fast as you can, you get some pressure on. I don’t like written interviews too much because there is lot of time to think and review, I prefer spontaneous replies! Just like these random questions at speed light!

#1. If you could be a character from any video game, who would you be?

Nathan Drake.

#2. What sound or noise do you hate?


#3. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear when you arrive?

“Ghe, you’ve been a good boy, you’ll get the penthouse suite”.

#4. What is your greatest fear?


#5. On what occasion do you lie?

When I need to get out of nasty situations that I know was my fault and I don’t want blame.
Example: The app didn’t work anymore. Then I realize I made the error. I just say, “that’s weird, it worked yesterday” which is a lie cause I didn’t test.



If you have read this far you must be wondering what is this kind of unorganized and nonsense writing. Let me tell you something mister/mistress! First, thanks for getting so far, and second, I can tell you what this is NOT, a formal interview. It’s a casual, spontaneous and ordinary 30 minute conversation that I can have with my fellow community brothers and sisters during the morning and try to come up with a summary of any interesting facts I can get from them; again, in a normal slash casual, back and forth conversation about random topics.

Beware, I could possibly knock any door (slack DM), any morning of my weeks to have some chity-chata time with YOU and then go crazy writing about it.

See ya brodas!