Thomas Kranitsas



Souvlaki & Greek salad
Classic Rock
Vacation Spot:
Any Greek island
Any action movies

What is your Topcoder story?

About 11 months ago I was competing in algorithmic competitions on various web platforms but I was looking for something more than that. Then I found Topcoder and I was immediately thrilled with the way TC challenges work. I stopped competing in algorithms and started working on challenges in various tracks, mainly CODE, F2F, UI PROTOTYPE. After persistent work I achieved to became a reviewer.

Why Topcoder?

Because Topcoder gives the freedom to choose when I will compete and in what technologies I will compete.

Tell us about something in your life, outside of Topcoder, that you are most proud of.

In my free time I play the guitar, I do paragliding and I do workouts in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

We asked our finalists to play the word association game. We gave them a word and they gave us the first word that popped into their head.

Innovation Google
Inspiration Future
Hope My family
Challenging Challenge Accepted!
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