Sandeep Yadav



Panner Butter Masala
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Tujhse Naraaz Nahin Zindagi...
Vacation Spot:
Leh, India

What is your Topcoder story?

While competing in a college contest I came to know about Topcoder & after that I started competing on Topcoder.
Mostly I compete in the UI track.

I won the online rounds & became the TCO finalist in 2014 & 2015. This year also got a change to compete in TCO UI track onsite finals.

Why Topcoder?

To win the TCO onsite finals and also to learn & earn.

Competing in Topcoder challenges gives the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime & provide lot of opportunities to learn new things in a professional way. Also the reviewers feedback provides essential details need to focus on.

If you were in charge of Topcoder for the day, what rule would you institute?

Will change the rewarding system & will automate some of the scorecard sections.

We asked our finalists to play the word association game. We gave them a word and they gave us the first word that popped into their head.

Innovation Simplicity
Inspiration Mother
Hope Only thing that keeps me going.
Challenging Transending
Create Folder name I use to store TC development work.