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1 year, 4 months, 26 days – this was the last time I wrote a blog article for the TCO site. It feels so good to undust the writing skills and abuse of these super powers that the TCO dancing queen and the holy Topcoder kingdom have – insanely – decided to grant me. After long sessions of discussions with my agent of course I gracefully accepted.

So long ago I was saying “see you soon” to all of my fearless readers (approximately 3 if you believe my cat can read). I didn’t expect it to be that long. I’m so happy and peppy to be back! I have to say thanks for the invaluable opportunity to be part of this talented and cuzzy family that I love!

Funny-quick related story, by that time I started experimenting with 360 degrees videos (super cool technique spinning with a GoPro camera). The thing is, DaraK (multiple TCO Studio finalist and current CABbie) didn’t want to do it; literally, I had to force her. It’s so funny how her face was the one that smiled the most in the whole video (go to the 00:48 mark).

By the way, get used to the stories. If I had an imaginary friend she would definitely tell me: dude! you speak a lot. I’ll appreciate if you at least read the first paragraph of my posts, I’ll be more than happy to send you monthly pay checks with zero percent of fee for the bank of love, all for you. In fact, since you managed to read a post this long it shows you really, really, REALLY belong to my pack (we don’t have anything interesting to do so we read boring things – raise your hand!!!) I dare you to mention me in slack (if you’re there) with #mahestrogetalife so I get to know I’m not alone in this world!


Those who know me must guess I’m really bad at saying good things about me, fortunately for this blog, I’m somehow shy; so I’ll just say the basic ones. My name is Luis, my friends call me mahestro, “Luisito”, “gordito” and recently “Pepé Le Pew” (I really hate my friends for that last one) and they also say I’m crazy, that simple.

I like writing with silly humour but also to educate at the same time. I think if you’re able to feed information  somehow while a person has a smile on his/her face it’s more effective to transmit the information and also you get a friend for life. After all, who likes to read or learn content being angry? Hey you, guess what: * screaming angry voice * SUBMISSION SCREENING FAIIIIIIIILED!!!! – Not cool, right?

My favorite topics are community related. That’s the reason I’m here basically, I like to meet the members, to integrate the new ones and keep the family growing with harmony. I’ll keep the script of the blog in that direction.

I’ve been involved with the Topcoder community since 2007, specifically in Studio (graphic design). With the past of time I became a bit good at designing, went to several TCO finals, became a copilot and here I am, serving you the most unreadable content of the web. One of the things I appreciate the most is making friends in this community. If you can guess who is who on this picture you could say so :)

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In spite of all of the “chitty-chatta” that I do a lot, I have some favorite posts that I think a Topcoder designer would be interested to read, about TCOs, our members and our history. Here you go.



If you ever happen to be super bored and want to add a smiley face to your friends lists in social networks, here I am. You’ve been warned though, I consider myself a professional stalker and I might end up stealing pictures for my blog posts about YOU!