“Enot successfully challenged tourist’s 500 point Problem”

Those who experienced the Algo Semi Finals 2 at TCO16 live can actually tell you that it was one of the most exciting moments they have ever experienced.

TCO16 Algo Round started at 6:00 PM EST and as expected everybody opened the first problem with 250 points. Initially it was pretty much as usual where we could see the members working on their problems.

20 minutes later there was an unusual buzz around the monitors and kiosks as most of the veteran TCO Finalists were unable to solve the first problem. But yes first time finalists Enot and Um_nik did them. That was the moment when it started getting exciting.

Around the same time two time TCO finalist rng_58 came out to be the first one to crack the 500 point Problem. This took him to the top of the leader board.

With 30 minutes left now, the contest was progressing pretty well. By now krijgertje and eatmore were done with their 500 point problem and were seen working on the 1000 point problem.

The most surprising thing was that tourist was still not able to submit any of the problems. All eyes were glued to his screen. We could see him getting up from his seat, moving around.

Moments later he did submit and got 300+ points for the same. That brought back him in the race. He was now positioned 3rd. In another 10 minutes Um_nik and Enot went ahead and made submissions to the 500 point problem. This made tourist shift to 5th.

Final standings before the challenge phase were

  1. Enot
  2. rng_58
  3. Um_nik
  4. krijgertje
  5. tourist
  6. eatmore.

At this moment tourist was looking to challenge a code and get the 50 points to move up in the ranks. While everybody was glued to the tourist’s screen, something interesting was happening at Enot’s screen. He was working on tourist’s code and trying to find a bug in there.

In those 10 minutes of challenge he wrote down the whole code of tourist on his local machine and did a stress test for the same.

With just one minute remaining for challenge phase to end we saw

“Enot successfully challenged tourist’s 500 point Problem”.

That meant tourist got no problem correct and his 500 point problem solution was brought down by Enot.

At that moment there were “Oh’s and shucks” sounds near the kiosks.

System test phase results were still pending. The standings were as follows:

During the final results we had another setback with Um_nik’s 500 point problem not passing the system test and that meant Enot, rng_58 and krijgertje will make it to the finals. They will join Petr, Kankuro and bmerry the qualifiers from semifinals 1.

All the best those who will be competing in the finals today!

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