Historically, we’ve learned that humanity has held epic battles that changed history somehow; the Marathon battle, Crusaders, Waterloo, Gettysburg, Stalingrad, The D-Day in Normandy (WW II), Captain America vs Iron Man, Batman vs Superman and many others. This time, the TCO blog will host the battle that will change the history of trollers in the Topcoder community.

We are going to have fun doing photo manipulation to our community friends in a series of challenges that will try to make us all laugh and share a good time (unless you are being trolled). This first challenge is kind of a test challenge, to start the tradition. We are facing each other to come up with the most fun troll photo manipulation of our first victim.

darak-originalDaraK’s volunteer photo

I brought Alex [chekspir] for the first challenge, he has a good sense of humor, he is talented and a handsome guy, perfect candidate. Besides our nationality, music taste and sexy accents, we share something else in common, a good friendship with someone who comes from the lands of vampires in Romania, with an unique ability to make friends for life. She is Daniela [DaraK], our very own CAB member and multiple TCO finalist. I realize I’ve talked many times about her in the blog though the years. This is the last time I bring her here 😛


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mahestroll alex vs luis



  • Main rule: keep it fun and relaxed!
  • Two designers face each other to test out their trolling skills per challenge/post.
  • One volunteer victim offers his/her picture to be trolled out by the designers.
  • Each designer offers his/her trolled version of the victim, under his/her consentement and approval, of course.
  • The photo manipulation must be something fun, nothing offensive. See sample on this post. It doesn’t have to be something professional. Any fun manipulation would do so you don’t spend much time doing it.
  • All members vote to pick the favorite troll version during one week.
  • After announcing the winner, there must be a challenger who wants to defeat the current winner.
  • The cycle repeats once a week until TCO16 ends.
  • A challenger can not request to compete twice in a row. Must wait at least one round without competing and also follow the order of the queue requests.
  • At the end of the event, the person who had more victories will win a Topcoder branded T-shirt!
  • Any community member and staff can join either as a victim or as a challenger.
  • Contact me if you want to participate either as a challenger or as a troll victim at