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TCO Stories – The Born of the First Design Jedi

The origin of the first Jedi in the Star Wars universe is a subject of dilemma and long controversy, but before this debate started in the Topcoder universe (Design track) I decided to make this topic clear, this is the story of the origin of the first ever TCO Studio Champion.



Once upon a time, a young chinese designer came to this spectacular event called TCO to start a life changing path, to compete against an order of very talented designers and claim the throne as the first champion of a brand new track in the event, Studio, now known as UI Design.


This was in 2007, a promising and exciting year in Topcoder history, since more and more tracks started integrating the live TCO competition variety. It’s [yiming]! A regular competitor from the very beginning of the track (2005) made his way to Las Vegas to compete and become the first champion ever of the track.

I’m sure there are lots of designers who still use the famous “old site” to browse challenges and compete. You have to know that this site is tightly related to TCO07. The task back then was to design a new site for Studio. The winner was Yiming, and guess what, if any of the elements you see here doesn’t seem similar to you – old Studio site user – then we all need to check our eyes :)

first studio

Just the same as Yoda or Luke Skywalker did in a moment, he stayed away from the design galaxy in an isolation period. Now he is back, qualifying again for a new TCO, a whole new experience since everything, absolutely everything has changed since 2007. What could remain the same is the weight of the big check he already lifted in 2007. That’s something I’ve always wondered, what it feels like to lift that big juicy check. I had to ask, since I don’t think I would ever be able to earn the honourable right to lift it, as you can see here, the first time I qualified to a TCO I had the miserable and pity amount of 17 points in the leaderboard, so I leave that to the pros.

“It’s heavy! Winning the TCO07 was a glorious moment. It’s just like you got a great reward in your life”





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