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TCO16 Development Finals Under Way!

The big day has finally arrived – the development finals at TCO16 got underway a few minutes back. The problem statement seems fascinating and it will be interesting to see how the various competitors approach it.


It Is Time for a Walking Tour

One of the greatest things about TCO is the opportunity to know new places and make new friends; this is the prize for the hard work, and by the end of our lives these experiences become the biggest reward that any person can achieve. Today some of our finalists and other guests had the chance to participate…

The magic tricks of front-end developers – UI Prototype Finals Round One

Abracadabra! That’s the word use by [yoki] to describe his first impression of what was happening today in the arena during the Prototype challenge. It’s the first time the Prototype track makes it to a TCO to see live competition, considering the last year was performed in a regional event, also for the first time….

A Real World Life Saving Design Solution – UI Design Semifinals in a nutshell

What a day for design today! As Alex clearly mentioned yesterday, we’re facing one of the most interesting challenges we’ve ever had in design finals. We had a thrilling experience watching how designers created concepts around a particular situation for a General Electric project. There were two groups of designers (semi finals, 5 designers each…

TCO16 Finals – And We’re Rolling!

The day, the moment that we’ve all been waiting for – the TCO16 finals is here and will be officially kicking off in a few minutes at the wonderful Booze Allen Hamilton Innovation Center in Washington D.C. We had a fun-filled welcome reception yesterday and now is the time for some serious competition to officially begin.

Let’s put faces to those handles – Welcome to TCO16

Since a Topcoder is essentially defined by challenges, let’s start one right away! I dare you to identify these talented and good looking faces above and see how many of them you can recognize. The place: Booz Allen Hamilton Innovation Center in DC; The faces: up to you. As for me, I’m a TCO addict…

The TCO16 Design Competition Most Promising Challenge Has Begun!

Months of preparation, long worldwide flights, the waiting just ended tonight, The Topcoder Open 2016 is now a reality! The opening ceremony held at the Booz Allen Hamilton headquarters in Washington DC gathered a great amount of people from all over the world and all ages to received and welcome the best coders, designers and…

How to Successfully Stalk the TCO Happenings

Unofficially, TCO16 has already started! Finalists and guests are starting their travels from all around the globe to meet in DC to then officially start this celebration Friday night in the welcome reception. While finalists travel there are some people as fellow community members, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends and cats left behind wondering they’re progressing, if…

Announcing Docker as a TCO16 Sponsor!

We are excited to announce Docker as a first-time TCO sponsor! Thank you, Docker for supporting the ultimate programming and design tournament, the Topcoder Open. Check out what Docker has to offer here.

TCO16 Megahack

We are excited to announce the TCO16 first-ever Megahack! Topcoder members who register for the megahack will attempt to build a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) application. The objective of the Megahack is simple, the development of a search portal that allows users to perform a search against pending EPA laws and regulations based on search…