About the TCO Onsite Events


The most celebrated and exciting part of the Topcoder Open are the onsite events; in particular, the onsite Finals event in the USA. As of 2015, the TCO started having smaller regional events around the world. The goal of these regional events is to bring the TCO to more Topcoder members.

TCO15 India Regional Event

Regional Events

The current TCO, has not yet announced the regional events but there will be at least 4 of them. See more about the regional events from TCO16 here.

Regional TCO events are one day events including some form of competition with prizes (for example, a hackathon), food and drink, networking opportunities, and fun.

If you, your business, or university are interested in hosting a Regional TCO event, you can inquire here.

TCO Onsite Finals in the USA

The beloved TCO Onsite Finals in the USA bring great honor and excitement to those who qualify to attend. TCO Finalists enjoy being treated like VIPs and deserve all the recognition they get.

As a TCO Finalist, you get an all-expense paid trip to the USA event, the opportunity to compete live, on stage, and become a Topcoder champion. Each year the TCO Finals are held someone in the USA. More details about the current TCO Finals will be announced soon.

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