Unofficially, TCO16 has already started! Finalists and guests are starting their travels from all around the globe to meet in DC to then officially start this celebration Friday night in the welcome reception. While finalists travel there are some people as fellow community members, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends and cats left behind wondering they’re progressing, if we’re honest, wanting to stalk them :)

Don’t you worry, I’m here for you. Similarly than Liam Neeson, I do have a set of skills that have made me successful at stalking Topcoder superstars for years, chasing them for interviews and poking out their private lives.

Stalking a TCO is not as easy as it looks like, there are many things to consider, like locations, tracks, submissions sneak peeks, videos, weather, the color of the arena carpet, figuring out what Petr had for breakfast, what iamtong’s kids look like now, checking if Sky_ is really human, betting on Monica’s perfect score and much more. I’ll try to make it easier for you, I’ve gathered all the information sources, or as I prefer to call them, the stalking points, well organised and ready to be consumed. Enjoy.







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