Cloves Almeida



I like cooking, so I like trying new stuff.
Don't have one
90s and early classics (yes, I'm getting old)
Vacation Spot:
Anywhere with a good history and food.
A bunch, but let's pick "City of God" :)

What is your Topcoder story?

I heard about Topcoder early 2015 while improving my skills for a career transition into a more technical role. Topcoder was great in that I was exposed to a large number of useful technologies and was able to learn a lot.

I also had the opportunity to participate in challenges sponsored by important names in the industry. Winning a NASA or IBM sponsored challenge gives you some good bragging rights!

Primarily I compete in development competitions (code or assembly).

Why Topcoder?

Topcoder has, by far, the best platform for development-style competitions. I compete mostly to learn so I tend to pick challenges where I add something new to my "toolbox".

Tell us about something in your life, outside of Topcoder, that you are most proud of.

Just a few years ago, I had some major career setbacks. It was particularly scary because I'd just married and had to endure it while starting a new home and family.

Despite our country being in the worst recession since 1920's I was able to overcome the situation get myself into a new position better than where I was before.

We asked our finalists to play the word association game. We gave them a word and they gave us the first word that popped into their head.

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