Erik-Jan Krijgsman



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What is your Topcoder story?

I don't remember exactly how I first heard about Topcoder. It was somewhere in university, probably around an ACM ICPC qualification. I got really addicted to it, staying up late to compete. The hard work paid off, and I qualified for several onsite tournaments and even got a second place in Orlando. Then a couple of years I've done less competitive programming for various reasons, but last year or so I've done more, and I am very exited to compete once again in a Topcoder finals.

Why Topcoder?

I love programming puzzles, love the thrill of the competition, love to compete against the best and love the atmosphere at a Topcoder onsite final.

Tell us about something in your life, outside of Topcoder, that you are most proud of.

I've been playing a lot of bridge lately (one of the reasons I've done less competitive programming) and it is an amazing competitive game as well. I've managed to reach the highest national (dutch) competition.

Tell us something else you'd like the share.

I’m looking forward to meet many people I know from ‘back in the days’, but also to meet new people and make new friends.

We asked our finalists to play the word association game. We gave them a word and they gave us the first word that popped into their head.

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