What a day for design today! As Alex clearly mentioned yesterday, we’re facing one of the most interesting challenges we’ve ever had in design finals. We had a thrilling experience watching how designers created concepts around a particular situation for a General Electric project.

There were two groups of designers (semi finals, 5 designers each group) who worked on the same challenge in separate sessions. From these semi finals, there will advance 8 out of 10 designers to the finals and will be competing tomorrow again. Stay tuned if you want to know who the advancers are at 9AM EST, I will spam the heck out of it!



The most important thing mentioned during the brief of this challenge was: focus on solving the design problem! It was – selfishly – fun to watch the designers faces while they were being explained what they had to do. There were so many doubts reflected as tension on their victory hungry faces.

Designers had one night previous to the actual competition to receive the core information of the challenge and think about solutions to be executed today, and that’s exactly what they did. Luckily, the client was giving the instructions directly himself and interacting with the designers in a Q&A session. Something remarkable he said was clearly what this first round is about, solving a design problem, not actually giving that much of criteria weight to the UI.

“I don’t really care about how it looks, I need it to solve the design problem of visual representation of a massive amount of graphic data” – Ryan Leveille.

So, what is it about that it’s so important to solve? Preventing life casualties caused by transit accidents, essentially. A data-massive application is needed to represent a type of transit circulation that affects lives of people in a sensitive manner. This is all we can say about this project so far.



All we can share so far is this small preview you can see above. All my readers, fans, stalkers and followers wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t give them anything to take a look at (btw, 16 readers so far and growing!). There are certain privacy criteria so far with the client project, I hope you enjoy this little teaser for now :)